Buddy formerly LEO has been adopted!

We rescued him from Friends of North Central Shelter – Los Angeles Animal Services. He was not feeling his best but with a lil tender love and medical care he was on his way to being his best self. He is THE PERFECT COMPANION to both his new brother CHEWY and his family.

His mom sent us her thoughts;

“Buddy is a little Maltese & Poodle mix. I also have a Yorkie named Chewy. We went together to adopt Buddy and they are just like brothers! Buddy has a history of separation anxiety and so does Chewy. They are perfect for each other and me too❤️……”

Buddy not only learned how to go up and down on his stairs, Chewy helped to teach him how to use the doggie door!

I take them for a walk on their new double-lead leash.

I can’t imagine our family without Buddy. Chewy is 13 years young and what a blessing it is for us both to welcome Buddy into our hearts

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