We could not have asked for a better match.

He is the first family dog since Mom and Dad waited for the boys to be ready for the commitment. When the actual moment came to walk out with BUZZ the boys were so thrilled to take him home as their own one shed a few tears of happiness which made Mom cry then we all cried happy tears. Pets are such an amazing addition to a family and we are always honored to share in such a powerful moment in a family’s life.

Mom gets to enjoy his company during the day. Dad, BUZZ and the boys get to run on the local trail. BUZZ keeps the boys company while everyone does homework. Again everyone wins! Wonderful moments like this is what makes rescue such an amazing experience.

Updates from the FAM;

“Good morning, we had another fabulous day and night with Buzz. He has truly brought our whole family so much joy. We are truly blessed.

He is taking his morning nap and has cuddled with a toy the boys bought him. 🥰

Good morning, yes all is going well with Buzz. 🥰

He is truly the best dog we could have ever gotten. ❤️”



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