An honor of their lost Pet Foxy the family wanted to adopt a special needs dog. Considering Harry Potter lost his eye, he definitely fit the description.

Here is how fate brought them together. Our lil Harry Potter is from the House of Gryffindor which suits his character traits which include courage, chivalry, and determination.

His Mom happens to be a huge Harry Potter fan and Dad just happened to come across his profile.

How fortunate for us that Mom was quite interested in meeting him and the rest is history!

Check out his special tie for the BIG event, ADOPTION DAY.

Just a few updates mom shared with us:


“We bought this plate the week we lost Foxy and I can’t help but think it was a little foreshadowing of Harry Potter coming into our lives 🙏🏻❤️❤️”

Message to foster Mom:

“Please send her our thanks for training him. He’s very good with commands and following directions. It’s helped all of us adjust and has made the transition almost seamless. 🙏🏻🥰 “

“He’s learning more commands and he’s so happy and energetic. He gives the cat (Olivia) her space but I know he just wants to be her friend.

After grooming:

“Here’s a few Harry Potter update pics. He’s no longer Nick Nolte’s doppelgänger 😂”

“He’s brought so much love, energy, light, and happiness into our lives. I am forever grateful 🥰🙏🏻❤️❤️. He is so happy and full of life.”

And we are FOREVER GRATEFUL for his new Mom and Dad searching for a rescue dog who needed just a little more understanding. Please check out his pictures to see a glimpse of the love they have for Harry Potter…….it’s just the beginning of a soaring journey.


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