She was rescued from a home with 28 dogs, severely underweight and timid. She is now learning to be a dog. Kona is receiving lots of one on one attention with her new family.

KONA is loved and adored… are some updates from her family.
“She’s doing good! She’s slowly learning to play with her toys and show more excitement. I’ve been taking her with me most places and she’s learning to warm up to new people.
Today we took her to brunch for the first time. She was such a good girl and behaved so well in public!
…….I’m teaching her how to take selfies ……
Hi! We had a good day! She went potty outside. The other thing is that she’s very calm, which is great, but she hasn’t barked once since we got her….. But overall she seems really comfortable with me, and she loves my bed and all the fluffy blankets. “

To make it a little sweeter, KONA has a friend COOPER. They have become great friends and playmates.

We can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy with such great updates from her family. The small things count.


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