Suzy rescued from North Central ANIMAL SHELTER in Los Angeles has been ADOPTED!

Suzy came to us afraid of people and absolutely terrified of the leash. We suspect she was most likely abused before landing in the shelter as a stray. She also has a rare birth defect, missing glands in her bottom eyelid which requires daily medication. So with these minor obstacles we knew Suzy was going to need a very patient, loving and understanding Family. All of WMHRG including her foster family sent out the most positive vibes foreseeing a wonderful future for Suzy. We are thrilled to announce SUZY hit the JACKPOT! BINGO!
No more worries for SUZY. She is safe, loved and adored.

UPDATES from her MOM;
“She’s so much more confident on her walks, she’s exploring our apartment, she’s starting to play a little……..she went to Robert when he called her and she licked my cheek yesterday for the first time …….Things are going great. I had to go into work yesterday and when I got home she was sooooooo excited to see me. It was the best thing ever. She really is the sweetest dog……….
We had some good bonding…. Today she went on her first walk completely around the neighborhood. It was a pretty exciting moment.
She fits perfectly in our life. We couldn’t ask for a better dog.”

CONGRATULATIONS! Suzy is living her BEST LIFE!💖🐾🥰

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