Nina now Miss Prissy has been adopted and lives in the beautiful State of Montana, THE TREASURE STATE.

Miss Prissy was Friends of North Central Shelter – Los Angeles Animal Services in JUNE OF 2019. She had mammary tumors that were successfully removed but test results showed carcinoma present which deterred some adopters but not Miss Prissy’s MOM, KITTY.

Luckily we had fate step in or as KITTY (Miss Prissy’s Mom) would say “GOD’S WINK”.
WMHR was asked to appear on the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family program as a last minute guest since another rescue could not appear.
After the program aired we received many inquiries from around the USA. Kitty was approved to adopt and traveled to Los Angeles to meet and adopt MISS PRISSY.

Mom is so happy to have her in her life.
She sent us some pictures so everyone can see at a glance the beautiful, serene life they get to experience together.

”I’ve wanted a dog for many years however my career required a lot of travel therefore I would not have been able to provide the love and attention a pet deserves. Since my recent retirement, I began searching for the perfect dog to keep me company. Although I knew I wanted a rescue dog, I did not want to visit a shelter because I know I would have tried to take them all home.

While watching Home and Family last month, and saw Miss Prissy on the show and knew I had found the perfect fit. I was in love with her so I emailed Walk Me Home Rescue to find out the adoption process. I figured out all logistics, bought an airline ticket to Los Angeles and my heart has been full ever since. Our personalities are very much the same in that she is 95% reserved and 5% sassy! We are best buddies and do everything together. Thank you Walk Me Home Rescue for saving my sweet girl! Thank you to Home & Family for allowing Walk Me Home Rescue on your show that day.”

The pictures show just the beginning of her journey “My favorites. First time I held her…She hogs the whole bed…Queen of the wall
…Another night she hogs bed…..First Toy…Airplane trip home..Driving from Spokane to Montana…..Waiting on deer to come by…..Her first deer….She has the lightest quietist whine wanting the deer to come see her…..First trip to Libby Dam….She loves the park..
After her walk the trip to Libby Dam, she was so tired..
She had to have door open waiting for deer (it is cold)…I had to wash her feet, she got cold and laid on me and went to sleep. She is a smart cookie. Loves the car….. she loves to be out and about.
I hate going places alone so now my buddy will go.”

Miss Prissy will never have to worry or experience homelessness again.
Congratulations to the family. Montana has a new TREASURE, Miss Prissy. ❤️🐾😍

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