Tank and his son ROCKY now known as FREDDIE AND OLIVER have been ADOPTED!

FREDDIE AND OLIVER are so in love with their new MOM.
The bond was pretty immediate so they already follow her wherever she goes.
Mom told us they are perfectly behaved and complimented FOSTER MOM for preparing the pair for their FOREVER HOME. They love to be cradled like babies and even get to sleep with her.
Pretty awesome considering they were previously outside dogs. When they first came to us they did not know what to do with any bed whether dog or human.

We are thrilled their new Mom contacted us, gave them the opportunity for a trial and of course made a love connection. Mom is an experienced dog owner and a physician which is a blessing since TANK/FREDDIE has a chronic illness. Both FATHER AND SON have found a fantastic, caring and loving MOM including her circle of friends.

Happy Father’s Day FREDDIE!

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