Wednesday now River is adopted!

Lots of Love, happiness and positivity in River’s life as it should be. ❤️

Updates from her Mom;

“Ms River my baby girl!! So darn good! She’s sooo smart and I’m even beginning to see a bit of sass it’s hilarious. And her and my cat Rajah are the cutest they’re really starting to get comfortable and play with one another and it’s the cutest thing because I’ve never seen my cat around a dog. And having a blast exploring the neighborhood with her she gets me up for my day I love her. 😌💕

Haha she loves her Kong toy when I fill it up with peanut butter and some apple pieces. She’s great at going on the potty pad and will even play with the curtain blinds if I don’t see she’s by the door right away….she’s doing beautifully……

And of course now that I’m thinking about how many ways she’s such a good girl I thought I’d mention – I’m training her and she does a good job sitting and staying (unless she’s verrrrry excited) and waits for mama whenever we walk up or down stairs and through doorways! She learns so fast! I’ve been learning Italian for years and am even starting to incorporate it so we can be a little bilingual family. I can’t thank you guys enough. 💖”

Congratulations River and Family!

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