Ivy was a little timid and shy to strangers so it took some time to find the perfect match. Ivy has blossomed In her new life with Miss Kitty, Mom and all her new friends. She is one confident lady. She has found her spot up high so can see the neighbors and keep an eye on mom! Check out the video posted on the thread. 

Message from Ivy’s Mom;

Hi there,
Finding my best little girl on Walk Me Home Rescue was the best thing for both Ivy and myself. She’s so well behaved that my friends are jealous. She just stands there to put her leash on, when bathing and knows to go to her blanket when at my friends house. Ivy likes going for car rides in her car seat( I put a box under it so she could see out the window). If anyone is on the fence about a rescue go for it. The foster mom did a great job and I/Ivy are completely happy. Ivy any Kitty get along. What more can you ask for? Love can be found in the midst of Covid-19.”


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