Before we get to her adoption story we want to say that MINNIE has been a complete SENIOR ROCKSTAR. She had so many voices advocating for her including multiple offers to foster and adopt. With that said we want to express our gratitude to all who fight for the senior animals in the shelters so they can be seen and have their second chance. 

So let’s get back to Minnie’s adoption story. Minnie and Mom have had a very strong bond which only intensified after Minnie was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Together they fought and Mom has been her voice, advocate, and superhero. If you watch these two together you can see how they adore each other. Minnie follows her new Mom everywhere, wants all of her attention, and would prefer to have her all to herself. This tiny lil senior lady may be small but she is one mighty warrior. Let’s not underestimate Mom, she is also a warrior which makes them a perfect union. Mom is determined to have Minnie as part of the family as long as possible. She is prepared to overcome whatever obstacles that may cross their path. Mom has demonstrated her continued commitment to being her voice and provide MINNIE with every opportunity to fight the good fight. 

Mom’s thoughts;
“She is an absolute blessing to be a part of our family her fierce spunk and determination to fight on brings us absolute joy she is the perfect addition.”


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