So Cabo formerly Buckley was rescued in APRIL 2020 from the SEAACA animal shelter. By his shelter photo (see pic) we knew he was in pretty bad shape which was later confirmed by his lab work. However, even though he was very sick you would never know by Cabo’s attitude and personality. He maintained his spunky, curious, nosey disposition while overcoming all of his health issues. With the exception of some minor reoccurring skin issues, he has recovered fully and has found a wonderful family who is 100 percent devoted to him.

A few words from one of his foster moms;
“He is young at heart full of energy and loves attention. There hasn’t been a human or dog he does not get along with. He’s the entire package……personality, looks, and overall sweet guy. There wasn’t a single day he didn’t put a smile on my face.”

And we agree look at his sweet face! Who could turn away from one of the cutest underbites we have ever seen. The part of his coat that has grown back is so soft and furry which makes for great cuddling. So enough about his handsome looks, Cabo is also a very compassionate dog. He has the ability to sense when his dog friends or humans are in need of some extra love or comfort. He definitely is a caretaker. He helped his foster sister Willow learn to trust, relax, and build her confidence with humans again. He also was sent over to Dolly’s foster home to see if he could help her which he did of course. So it’s no surprise that Cabo had the same effect on his new doggy sister Khloe who was quite guarded and definitely NOT the first on the welcoming bandwagon. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
But as we said before NO one can resist Cabo and his magical magnetism and now Khloe has even given him the seal of approval.

His family’s thoughts say it all;

“We weren’t sure if we were ready to add to our family until we met Cabo. When we first met him, he quickly made his way into our hearts. While our older dog, Khloe was a bit reserved to welcome a younger brother, Cabo won her over with his charm. This guy is playful, loving, and sweet. He’s energetic and enjoys playing. His favorite things are long walks and even longer snuggle sessions. He has also declared his favorite human: Sophia. These two are inseparable and their bond is like no other. Cabo’s young spirit has rejuvenated our home and affectionate ways have brought so much joy to our lives. He will be forever loved in our home.”

It takes a village: A special thank you to Walmart Rosemead for recognizing WMHRG’s impact on the local communities, our efforts to educate the local youth, and ultimately our continued rescue efforts. Your grant helped rescue Buckley from Seaaca Animal Shelter, medically treat at North Figueroa Animal Hospital and find him an amazing forever home. Walmart #walmartgiving #bettertogether 

Congratulations to CABO, KHLOE, AND FAMILY!

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