Daisy was found as a stray along with Ellis now Sparky. We know their former life had some past trauma especially since Sparky had a chain around his neck which was beginning to embed. But Daisy’s real ADOPTION STORY starts off with her new Mom calling us explaining her situation. The family recently lost their little chihuahua. We can all relate to the loss of a beloved pet, they are FAMILY and fill our lives with happiness every day. Since they had been trying to adopt a rescue dog for quite some time with no luck there was a lot of emotion in her plea. We listened and knew this was a family we could help bring some joy back into their home. We suggested Libby but of course, we experienced a minor setback. Once she was spayed Libby no longer allowed us to lift her up. She would scream in terror. However, this new behavior did not deter her future Mom. The family was determined so we went forward with the meet and greet. Mom and Daisy had an instant connection. Lots of kisses from the first moment… As they say, THE REST IS HISTORY! 🥰🥰🥰

She has some separation anxiety from Mom but she loves to be held and cradled with no issues whatsoever. Bringing her home was A BIG MOMENT. Even Dad who was away for the weekend came home as a surprise to meet their new family member.

As for Mom’s thoughts…
“Daisy has filled a void in my life. My husband says that I am not complete without a dog. I am now complete. She makes me smile.😁🌼😁
Daisy is the ultimate lap dog! When I am sewing she tries to jump on the chair. We are working on the separation anxiety.
Daisy is a member of the family…and I couldn’t be happier! ❤️🌼❤️”

Congratulations, DAISY and the entire Family….6 children and 10 Grandchildren!


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