Although this young lad only 6 months old has had a rough start, he is still the most loving and affectionate dog. He was found with a chain wrapped tightly around his neck which had started to leave a scar. But no more worries for Sparky because his new life will be filled with love, naps, sunbathing, treats, vacations, and lots of family to love on him. Besides his new brother DJ, he also enjoys the friendships with his new fur cousins Ruby and Roxy. He loves to groom his new brother DJ. They became BFFs right away. No more chains for this boy, he is free to run around in his new spacious yard and home. He has claimed his forever spot on the couch and his new human sisters have given him the two thumbs up. 👍🏼 👍🏼
His family sent us their Sparky Story. ❤️🐾

Here is our story:
“When we first saw a picture of Sparky (then Ellis) we fell in love. We took our dog DJ to go meet him and fell head over heels for him. He is the sweetest boy ever. Sparky has become the little brother our DJ never knew he needed. They play all day and then clean each other and nap together.
Our kids have fallen in love with him too. He is so sweet to them. My oldest daughter even taught him how to sit and shake (with treats of course). He even loves going to grandmas house to visit his other fur friend Olaf. He already has been on an adventure to a Big Bear Lake where he met his new fur cousins and played for a week. He is a huge snuggler and has to be touching someone when he sleeps. He loves his new yard and enjoys laying in the shady grass or even in the sun to warm him up.
We couldn’t have asked for a better dog to adopt. We feel so lucky to give him a forever home that he loves. He will be spoiled rotten the rest of his days.”


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