Bella is a beauty so we received quite a few requests to adopt her but as they say, looks aren’t everything. She has trust issues and a severe case of separation anxiety. Her future family would have to be very patient in order to work through her shyness and fears. Thank goodness we knew of a few secret weapons……TREATS, TREATS, AND MORE TREATS! 😉😉😉

It took a couple of trial adoptions and time (rescued CHRISTMAS EVE) but Bella has found her forever family. Treats did help with winning her over but ultimately it was their love, patience, and commitment which helped BELLA turn a corner. She was so afraid of walking on a leash that she would just freeze in place, walking again only after constant reassurance. Her sweet, playful, and loving disposition only made us more determined to help her find her forever family. We also have to mention that Wilbur and Bella/Gingy were best buds! Recently, they had the pleasure to meet up to go on a walk together. Pics posted. 😍🐾❤️

Her families thoughts;
“The first time I laid eyes on Bella, I just had to bring her home. The cutest thing ever. It is a great feeling to be able to adopt Bella and bring her home as part of our family. When we first brought her home, she was very timid and shy. It took Bella a little bit to adjust to her new home. My children and I have been giving her tons of affection and tender loving care so she can feel at ease and comfort here at her home. Bella has been much better and is less shy and opening up more. She has been a great new companion to our household. It is a nice feeling coming home to see Bella happy with all of us, as well as my kids having the mutual feeling around Bella. I am grateful that I could help Bella have a new life with happiness, just as she deserves.”

It is the ultimate reward in rescue when you see the transformation of a shy dog like Bella blossom into a confident lil lady. She goes for walks with her tail wagging and even jogs along happily. Her transformation is a testament to what can be accomplished when everyone bands together.

From one of BELLA’S foster moms;
“Although we don’t know Bella’s past, we do know her future, and it is filled with walks along the L.A. River, rolling in the grass, and a forever home where she is loved to the moon and back. Bella now has the life she deserves!”

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