This lil pretty is proof you can find your “Dream dog, dream dog 🐶!💕” in a California Shelter. Meryl/Ginger with her dapple coloring and loving spirit will be living a life filled with love, care and affection by her devoted, grateful family including Fred the 🐈. Dancing partners for life!🎩👡

Thanks to the family’s kindness for sharing their special journey with WMHRG;

“The first night it was clear she had been traumatized, she was shy and little scared. We felt for what she clearly went through but she recovered her joy 🥰 …..
It will seem very trivial to get overjoyed by the adoption of this precious little terrier rescued from a Riverside County Shelter, but it was a long quest. In these COVID days, to have found this new little friend thanks to the wonderful “Walk me home rescue group” and its warm and caring ambassadors, it is quite magical 🥰”

Congratulations! Definitely a magical moment, Something we all need in these special times.

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