She was very high risk because the shelter listed her as fearful which put her life in danger. Compound that with the COVID situation where you cannot meet dogs before pulling them out from the shelter. We knew either way we had to help her. With a foster ready to accept the challenges we rescued Molly. No matter the issues, we were prepared to help her through any fears so she could find her happily ever after.
Well, as luck would have it we were not the only ones watching her fate unfold. A very special family was also following her story. Her new Mom found us with the desire to help as well. 

We discovered quickly that Molly was a very affectionate girl however she had some issues with resource guarding. She wants to protect her person. Her family was undeterred and prepared for the challenges ahead. They made a commitment so invested in a trainer to help them with her specific obstacles. Molly is on the road to being the best girl she can possibly be! She is overcoming her hurdles because of consistency, structure and determination made by her new family. 

This is from MOLLY’s family;
“Molly is a very good girl (In training)! She provides our whole family with snuggles and kisses. At first, she was very quiet and super shy, but now she is starting to become much more comfortable with being a part of our family. She loves to burrow into blankets and be held like a baby. Molly also is very protective of her family and makes sure she knows where we are at all times. She is now being spoiled daily, and receives MANY treats and belly rubs! We can’t imagine our lives without her.”

We are grateful for everyone willing to invest and adopt a rescue dog! It takes a village. 

Congratulations to Molly and Family!

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