His entire life was spent in the backyard but it’s never too late for a new start.
We are grateful to his previous family for wanting something better for him.
Now he gets to live life to the fullest enjoying people, love, and new adventures.

His new life with his Forever Mom;

“Pez has been the best snuggly quarantine buddy.
When we first brought him home he was so shy and timid. He shook uncontrollably and slept bundled in our laps for a week.
Now he loves a nature walk, a drive, or ANY adventure where he can come along,
even Home Depot 🙄 

Pez’s spunky personality is emerging more and more as he understands he is safe and has a forever home. When we return from errands or work he’s always there at the front door tap dancing and bouncing for joy like a pogo stick. Before we “dog-proofed “ the compost …. he discovered several corn cobs and artfully hid them all over the house. We found one in the fireplace, another perfectly centered on top of the cooler in the pantry, and one wedged between the sofa cushions. (don’t worry … we didn’t let him eat them.) 

Pez is such a little guy. … when he jumps up on the couch … he doesn’t always make it on his first attempt 🤪 …. but we’re happy to help him get up to his ultimate happy place. Our laps!

Thank you Walk Me Home for providing such an effortless and supportive adoption process. and trusting first-time dog owners with precious baby Pez 🤗”

Congratulations and welcome to WMHRG FAMILY!
Thank you for sharing your journey.

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