Charlotte’s journey to find her home has been a long one but worth every moment. Our lil Queen C has overcome so much including PYOMETRA (infected uterus). There were times when we thought she may not overcome the damage which had ravaged her frail body. Her first foster family kept a close watch to ensure her survival in the first few months of her recovery. 

Charlotte holds a place in all our hearts forever especially her first foster Moms so we wanted to include their loving thoughts about her journey;

“Neglect took her fur and her body mass, but it did not take away her willingness to love, her bright spirit, and her spunkiness. Charlotte’s kindness and quirky personality could not be erased with the neglect she endured, she continues to be loving, trusting, and loyal. A truly special, one of a kind little girl that will remain in all of our hearts forever.”

And then one day a very special woman walks into the PETSMART.
She stops to talk to our group and asks about Charlotte. She shared that she was currently suffering from a broken heart due to the loss of her beloved pet. Charlotte’s foster suggested fostering to help heal her heart and having a dog in the home may bring some joy and companionship.
Well, after some thought she said YES, and just like that two lives unite. They both have helped each other to heal their body and souls changing the course of their lives forever. 

CHARLOTTE’S MOM describes it best;
“At the start of the year, I was really hesitant to adopt her because I was still grieving for Grace. She helped me recover from my grief. Then when COVID came, my faith grew stronger. I realized there are no guarantees in life. I cannot always be afraid of what-ifs all the time. She is still young, we hope to enjoy each other for a long time before old age catches upon us. But we plan to stay with the WMHR family😊. Thank you for the encouragement to care for her. 

I really would like her to visit seniors as a therapy dog someday. Dogs have other purposes too aside from being lapdogs😊. She is too tiny to be a K9 search and rescue dog😂”

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