Ralphy was a mess when we rescued him from the shelter but we knew under all his mates there was a special boy with a big heart. He is a Senior Gentleman who won the hearts of all of us especially his new Mom. We are extremely grateful to Ralphy’s new MOM who has been very dedicated to helping him recover from all his ailments. Always, taking him to his many vet visits and administering his medications like a pro. Ralphy loves his Mom and clearly she loves him. The photos and Mom’s thoughts say it all. 

“So excited to do life with my buddy Ralphy! Both of us have changed so much in the last 2 months. I was a nervous first-time foster, and he was this scraggly little old guy recovering from every health issue you’d expect from a shelter dog- kennel cough, fleas, worms, stitches from skin tags removed from five places on his body, digestion issues. But from the start, he was so easy to love. I wasn’t expecting to connect so quickly or commit to caring for a dog long term, but I just knew Ralphy was family and I wasn’t going to be able to say goodbye.

Ralphy is sweet, trusting, and loves to sit on the arm of the couch curled up like a cat. He walks with a happy trot and likes to chase after bunnies and lizards or roll around in piles of blankets. He has the magic sixth sense to quietly sit by my side if he thinks I need extra emotional support. I got so lucky he was already housetrained!

We’re still working on finding a toy he likes that’s gentle on his teeth. He doesn’t like toys haha, but would rather cuddle or look out the window.

I’m forever grateful to Walk Me Home for seeing how special Ralphy is and for being supportive every step of the way. My foster fail experience was amazing, I feel like I got a crash course in caring for Ralphy with all the resources to set him up for a healthy and fabulously spoiled future!

Thank you ‘WMHRG’, Bev (Ralphy loves his personalized harness, it’s his favorite!), Martha, and the staff at North Figueroa Animal Hospital. I have a huge appreciation for all the work you do!”


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