Tinkerbell was rescued from South LA Animal Shelter.
If you have been following her journey, you’ll remember she was not in the best condition. She was missing over 75% of her coat due to a skin infection and the inside of her mouth was a mess. We have to thank her foster families for stepping forward to help Tinkerbell overcome all her medical issues. They brought her back to health after many doctor visits, medication, and providing a healthy diet. It was a long battle but we did it together as a rescue community; Fosters, donors, medical staff, and her new family. Tinkerbell is a fighter with a huge personality and lots of spunk. Tinkerbell’s all-time favorite things to do with her day …..loves to chat, walk, eat, and roll in the grass. If she gets to do that for the rest of her life then all is good in the world. Her new family has a household full of wonderful people ranging from young adults to seniors including Grandma who just turned 86. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Tinkerbell’s adoption story from her family;

“We adopted Tinkerbell about 3 weeks ago and she has brought joy to our whole family. She loves to talk and go for short walks. She is my pride and joy, she is such a sweet, loving little angel. She has really become comfortable in the house and loves her bed and her stuffed unicorn. She gets along with the other dogs in our family and looks forward to playdates.”

We want to take the opportunity to highlight the plight of senior dogs like Tinkerbell who languish in the shelter system. They pull on our heartstrings the most. Our hope is that they all get the medical attention needed to allow them to experience life to the fullest, living their final years with dignity, love, and comfort. Please share her story and encourage others to adopt a senior. If others adopt older dogs like Tinkerbell, we can continue to rescue senior dogs. As for Tinkerbell, her new family is prepared to address any medical needs she may encounter. The first stop was to meet her new doctor. We are excited for our golden girl. We will miss her but hopefully, we will see her on one of our PACK WALKS. 

Grandma and Tinkerbell both seniors living their best life! 


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