Adoption Stories


Cole now BRUCE has been adopted!

Need a reason to smile today? Our lil POMCHI puppy has his found his FOREVER FAMILY!
At first his senior sis Coco was unsure about a new energetic puppy showing up on the scene but now they are like the dynamic duo. Mom told us, “when they fetch the same toy, even if Coco gets there first she lets Bruce grab it and bring it back”……Now that’s true friendship.
Thanks Coco for sharing your awesome MOM and DAD.

Thoughts from Bruce’s FAMILY;
“We are so grateful and happy to have found our newest family member through Walk With Me Home Rescue. Bruce (formally Cole) has brought so much love into our lives and can’t wait to make a lifetime worth of memories with him. His energy and cuddles have especially helped during this crazy time in the world and made our other dog, Coco, feel a lot more comfortable and youthful.”

We appreciate all of our WMHRG families for sharing their journeys with us and our RESCUE COMMUNITY. We are in this together.
Thank you for your continued support.

Congratulations BRUCE, COCO AND FAMILY.

Buddy formerly LEO has been adopted!

We rescued him from Friends of North Central Shelter – Los Angeles Animal Services. He was not feeling his best but with a lil tender love and medical care he was on his way to being his best self. He is THE PERFECT COMPANION to both his new brother CHEWY and his family.

His mom sent us her thoughts;
“Buddy is a little Maltese & Poodle mix. I also have a Yorkie named Chewy. We went together to adopt Buddy and they are just like brothers! Buddy has a history of separation anxiety and so does Chewy. They are perfect for each other and me too❤️……”
Buddy not only learned how to go up and down on his stairs, Chewy helped to teach him how to use the doggie door!
I take them for a walk on their new double-lead leash.
I can’t imagine our family without Buddy. Chewy is 13 years young and what a blessing it is for us both to welcome Buddy into our hearts


We could not have asked for a better match.
He is the first family dog since Mom and Dad waited for the boys to be ready for the commitment. When the actual moment came to walk out with BUZZ the boys were so thrilled to take him home as their own one shed a few tears of happiness which made Mom cry then we all cried happy tears. Pets are such an amazing addition to a family and we are always honored to share in such a powerful moment in a family’s life.

Mom gets to enjoy his company during the day. Dad, BUZZ and the boys get to run on the local trail. BUZZ keeps the boys company while everyone does homework. Again everyone wins! Wonderful moments like this is what makes rescue such an amazing experience.

Updates from the FAM;
“Good morning, we had another fabulous day and night with Buzz. He has truly brought our whole family so much joy. We are truly blessed.
He is taking his morning nap and has cuddled with a toy the boys bought him. 🥰

Good morning, yes all is going well with Buzz. 🥰
He is truly the best dog we could have ever gotten.



The family recently lost their Maltese and were looking to help heal their hearts. Even Gilligan their other furry pet was a little lonely. The family had asked about Margarita but she had been adopted so we suggested Olive. The rest is history. Olive is very much loved and feeling right at home.
Olive is a people person. She follows her person, loves cuddles and probably prefers to be held, but when her human leaves she gets anxious. Well not to worry GILLIGAN is here. As you can see in the pictures Olive just clings on to Gilligan. You can hardly tell where Gilligan ends and Olive begins. Again everyone is a winner.🥰
Olive just started training classes and we were told she is doing great. You can see she is focused and eager to learn.

The family sent us their thoughts;
“Olive has been such a wonderful addition to our family! She loves cuddling, whether it be me, Claire or our other dog, Gilligan! She has such a sweet and mellow demeanor, but is also very smart. In her first training class, she was definitely the star pupil, meaning she got the most treats from the instructor! Olive is a little bundle of love and we are so lucky to have her in our lives! “

Congratulations to Olive and Family!
We will love to follow your continued journey.


His family casually walked into our adoption fair not expecting to fall in love since they were on a wait list for a younger more popular poodle at the shelter. But Koby’s great looks and chill demeanor won them over. Mom especially was happy to discover he was a senior dog considering they had talked about giving a senior like Koby a second chance. Now everyone’s dream has been fulfilled. Even Grandma and Grandpa who live close by are in love. His charm is so irresistible they come over frequently to take him on a walk or just join Koby for a quick nap while the family is away.

Mom says
“… he is our love bug and we can not see life without him. He is a sweet heart. He has brought more joy to our family. “

Since his adoption Mom and daughter enjoy volunteering at our fairs and are truly part of our WALK ME HOME FAMILY! Everyone is a winner in this story.

We hope adoption stories like Koby’s inspires more people to consider a senior dog.

Congratulations to KOBY AND HIS FAMILY!

Harry Potter

An honor of their lost Pet Foxy the family wanted to adopt a special needs dog. Considering Harry Potter lost his eye, he definitely fit the description.

Here is how fate brought them together. Our lil Harry Potter is from the House of Gryffindor which suits his character traits which include courage, chivalry, and determination.
His Mom happens to be a huge Harry Potter fan and Dad just happened to come across his profile.
How fortunate for us that Mom was quite interested in meeting him and the rest is history!

Check out his special tie for the BIG event, ADOPTION DAY.

Just a few updates mom shared with us:

“We bought this plate the week we lost Foxy and I can’t help but think it was a little foreshadowing of Harry Potter coming into our lives 🙏🏻❤️❤️

Message to foster Mom:
“Please send her our thanks for training him. He’s very good with commands and following directions. It’s helped all of us adjust and has made the transition almost seamless. 🙏🏻🥰

“He’s learning more commands and he’s so happy and energetic. He gives the cat (Olivia) her space but I know he just wants to be her friend.

After grooming:
“Here’s a few Harry Potter update pics. He’s no longer Nick Nolte’s doppelgänger 😂

“He’s brought so much love, energy, light, and happiness into our lives. I am forever grateful 🥰🙏🏻❤️❤️. He is so happy and full of life.”

And we are FOREVER GRATEFUL for his new Mom and Dad searching for a rescue dog who needed just a little more understanding. Please check out his pictures to see a glimpse of the love they have for Harry Potter…….it’s just the beginning of a soaring journey.



Margarita now Sophia has been adopted!

Our underdog Margarita rescued from Friends of North Central Shelter – Los Angeles Animal Services just needed a lil extra care and attention so we could illuminate the SUNSHINE this special senior gal brings to the world.

Her New Mom sent us her thoughts;
Here’s my testimony….I named her Sophia she looks so much like my dog who just passed away a month ago. WMH was so helpful and remarkable. They made it so easy for me. Walk Me Home Rescue really helps dogs giving them proper care, medications and surgeries if needed before they get them adopted. Sophia has comforted me on my loss. Thank you….I will always recommend your organization to those who are looking for a forever four legged friends for their family.
….she’s amazing I love her so much😍
Rusell 2020


Sophia BIG WIN!!  


Wednesday now River is adopted!

Lots of Love, happiness and positivity in River’s life as it should be. ❤️

Updates from her Mom;

“Ms River my baby girl!! So darn good! She’s sooo smart and I’m even beginning to see a bit of sass it’s hilarious. And her and my cat Rajah are the cutest they’re really starting to get comfortable and play with one another and it’s the cutest thing because I’ve never seen my cat around a dog. And having a blast exploring the neighborhood with her she gets me up for my day I love her. 😌💕
Haha she loves her Kong toy when I fill it up with peanut butter and some apple pieces. She’s great at going on the potty pad and will even play with the curtain blinds if I don’t see she’s by the door right away….she’s doing beautifully……
And of course now that I’m thinking about how many ways she’s such a good girl I thought I’d mention – I’m training her and she does a good job sitting and staying (unless she’s verrrrry excited) and waits for mama whenever we walk up or down stairs and through doorways! She learns so fast! I’ve been learning Italian for years and am even starting to incorporate it so we can be a little bilingual family. I can’t thank you guys enough. 💖

Congratulations River and Family!


Silver now Gary is Adopted!

He was an owner surrender intercept at the North Central shelter in Los Angeles. We are so grateful that his new family is local so we will get to see him quite frequently. Thank you for choosing to adopt!

A few updates from his new family;

“He is such a sweet little dog. He sleeps great in his crate and is so good about going to the bathroom outside. He likes to play and run back and forth in the yard. He gets a lot of attention and kisses from the kids.

Gary is the perfect addition to our family. We were ready for a pet and wanted to find a rescue that we could spoil and love. We are beyond happy with our experience with Walk Me Home rescue group. We are so lucky to have found such a great little doggie and to have met such wonderful people. 😊

Congratulations to the Family.😍🐕🥰


Lala has been Adopted!

Not even 2 years old, Lala had found herself at shelter as an owner surrender twice….Friends of South Los Angeles Animal Shelter.
Thankfully she found her way to us so we could find the right fit for this very deserving affectionate young girl.
Her new family reports that they are having so much fun and Lala has stole their hearts.
Look at her eating her Christmas cookie…..she is so grateful! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

Congratulations LALA!


So our very sweet and special Mommy who gave birth to 7 puppies is now living the most fabulous life! Opal is now named XENA which definitely suits her considering she is a true Princess Warrior.
Xena is registered as a service/emotional support animal and is traveling with her Mom wherever possible. We could not have imagined a better match. Check out her cute pic in her new vest 💛.
She has already walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has flown to Chicago.
Xena is a STAR in our eyes 💫.

This is what her Mom had to say;
“Xena is the fearless companion I didn’t know I needed. We have become inseparable and I am so lucky to have her as my sidekick. I’ve never known a dog so brave and kind. She has such a bright spirit and brings so much joy to everyone she crosses paths with. This dog is all love. I’m so grateful to have her in my life, and can’t wait for all the adventures we will share.
Happy holidays ❤️ Merry Christmas! Xena is the best thing I received this year.

Thank you for everything,

Congratulations Xena and Nina!
Your journey has just begun. ❤️🐕❤️🐕


Onyx now Rashi is ADOPTED!
Now All of Opal’s puppies are in wonderful, loving homes.

Rashi not only has brought happiness to his new Dad but he has filled his new sister’s life, Goldie, with JOY, LOVE and HAPPINESS. Goldie had not to long ago lost one of her human companions, Grandma.
The family thought Goldie might be a lil lonely and maybe a new sibling would cheer her up.
Well they were 💯 Percent right on.
Rashi and Goldie do not want to be apart.
They love to kiss 💋. Check out the great photos the family shared with us.

His Dad says;
“Rashi is an amazing dog so happy to have him…”

We are so happy Goldie and Rashi found each other!

Congratulations to the family and once again we appreciate our families sharing their journey.

Montana now Reese has been Adopted! (Opal puppy)

The family recently lost their family companion and could not continue without having a doggie in the home.

We are so happy we can help heal hearts and connect families with their new Best friends.


Quartz has been Adopted!

We are thrilled that Quartz’s family lives very close to our location and has already stopped in to visit with us a few times. His family is very dedicated and wanted to make their home the perfect place for Quartz to grow up so Mom did her homework and research. It’s a challenge the family welcomed with their eyes wide open. Even Grandpa is involved for the afternoon walk. Quartz is also going to puppy playtime so that he continues with his socialization.

The family sent us their thoughts
“Quartz is a loving and highly social puppy. He keeps us on our toes. We are so happy and blessed to have him be part of our family. We want to thank Walk Me Home Rescue for choosing us as his home and family!”

We are proud to have such an amazing family as part of our WMHR family. Thank you for sharing your journey with Quartz.

Congratulations Quartz and Family!

Miss Ellie Mae Cupcake has been Adopted!

Her previous owner passed away and the family reached out to us and we were very happy to help Miss Ellie.

Miss Ellie’s new Mom also had recently lost their beloved pet so together they are helping each other through their grieving process.

Ratatouille clung on to her new Mom real tight when her adoption was finalized.
We are so thankful they found each other.

“We absolutely love Ratatouille (formerly Ellie). She is exactly what we needed after our youngest child moved out. We can’t imagine life without her. Thank you so much for introducing us!”

Congratulations! Here is to New Beginnings.❤️🐕

Mele formerly Tanzanite has been Adopted!

She is from Opal’s litter!

Check out the fabulous pictures the family shared with us. She is clearly adored by her family. They are devoted to ensure she is loved, happy and safe!

Her parents heartwarming sentiments;
“Mele has been a true blessing to us ever since we saw her picture when she was available for adoption! Grace and I went through a very difficult time when we had to put down our first puppy due to the distemper virus. We weren’t sure we would get another dog again until Mele came along and filled the void left in our hearts. Her name is a tribute to her strong personality and she is a gift sent from above. Her name is also a tribute to our late puppy’s favorite treat because it means “apples” in Italian. Mele loves going on walks, playing with her toys, and eating strawberries/blueberries! We love her to pieces and are grateful to WMH Rescue group for choosing us as her forever home and parents 🥰🙌🏻

We appreciate the updates from our adopters.
It’s a blessing to follow their journey.

Congratulations Mele and Family.❤️🥰



Another of Opal’s puppies safe and loved with a family of her own.

Her family reports that she is “doing great, making a lot of canine and human friends”.

She is a lucky pup and gets to play with her extended family’s doggies.
Thank you for sharing your family photos.


Miss Ellie Mae Cupcake has been Adopted!

Another OPAL pup has found a FOREVER FAMILY.

Mochee will be showered with plenty of love and attention.
Even extended family and friends came out to participate in Mochee’s appointments and adoption.
It has definitely been an exciting time for the family who had been looking to add to the family for a long time. We appreciate the family’s graciousness and hospitality throughout the adoption process.

Thoughts from MOCHEE’S family;
“Mochee has brought such joy and love to our lives, we can not thank Walk Me Home Rescue Group enough for rescuing him, we consider him our family and he’s the baby in our house. Our love for him grows everyday. Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do for dogs!”

We look forward to following his journey.

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