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Walk Me Home Rescue Group strives to make a positive impact in our communities, we believe that animal outreach education is critical in helping reduce the number of animals that enter the shelter. Walk Me Home Rescue Group was one of the 86 organizations to receive a 2020 grant from the BISSELL Pet Foundation to assist with decreasing pet overpopulation through a spay/neutering program. We have created a series of 10 short educational videos discussing topics such as spay & neutering, microchipping, pet nutrition and more. Thank you to all the human and animal volunteers who participated.

Intro – Noah with Billy

Adoption – Leigh with Goose

Microchipping – Kenny with Bear

Grooming – Ryan with Ollie & Ruby

Pet Nutrition – Katy with River

Spay and Neutering – James with Penny

Communication with pets – Ruaad & Veronica with Oreo

Friendship and Companionship with dogs – Sarah with Roofus

Healthy and Clean Living Space – Alex with Candace

Pet Rescues – Melissa and Tim with James and Butters

Please visit our social media and adoption pet sites to view our rescue dogs.

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Together we can make a difference and help those without a voice!

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