What is a Foster?

A foster is an extraordinary human being. They take care of homeless dogs as their own until he/she is adopted. The period in which the animal stays with the foster will be its adjusting period. Roaming the streets and entering a shelter are very traumatic experiences for animals to go through. They need the attention of a loving person to nurture them back to health. Fosters are one of the most vital volunteers to our rescue organization.

Why Become a Foster?

There are many reasons to become a foster. Maybe you want a dog but you can’t commit to a whole lifespan. Or, you already have an animal at home and he/she needs another buddy but you just aren’t sure if you’re ready to adopt. Also, it’s completely free!

How Do I Become a Foster?

This is the easy part. Fill out our questionnaire and we’ll schedule a home check just to make sure the house is a safe and loving environment for one of our furry friends.


Together we can make a difference and help those without a voice!

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